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Analysis of sheet metal process of medical equipment innovative design
Visit:896 Date:2022-06-08
In recent years, with the maturity of the technological progress of my country's medical equipment enterprises and the maturity of the supporting industry chain, as well as the promotion of national policies such as medical reform, hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, and support for domestic equipment, my country's medical equipment industry is expected to enter a high -speed development period. With the promotion and popularization of medical information products, some domestic companies can be divided into autumn with multinational giants. Domestic medical information products are being promoted in coastal cities. At present, it is increasing at a rate of more than 100%. It is also in this field that domestic medical equipment companies, sheet metal companies, and industrial design companies have strong competitive advantages. Independent innovation and replacement of imports have become the main theme of the development of domestic medical equipment in the future. Therefore, the modeling design of medical equipment has also received more and more attention.  
Medical equipment modeling design and sheet metal processing  
Medical equipment modeling design is constrained by sheet metal processing methods. At present, the general sheet metal processing methods in the market mainly include stamping, bending, cutting, welding, etc. The materials for sheet metal processing are mostly metal plates. Generally speaking, in the design of medical equipment, designers think more about the unidirectional curved surface of the product, and rarely consider two -way curved surface. Because the two -way curved shape needs to be opened with a stamping mold, which will cause costs to rise.  
Sheet metal mass production is mainly reflected in product consistency. The appearance design and structural design that can meet the consistency of sheet metal products can be regarded as the appearance design that truly meets the market requirements. This requires the design company to achieve a perfect balance in product design, structural design, and process selection, which requires the design company to have rich experience and accumulation of sheet metal product design. With these, it is not enough, and a sheet metal factory with a comprehensive processing capacity is needed. The selection of sheet metal factories is different from a large quantity standardized product such as plastic modeling. Because the design capacity, processing accuracy and assembly level of each sheet metal factory are large, they need to be treated carefully.  
Sheet metal parts design  
It should be noted that when the sheet metal is designed, the standard arc should be used as possible, because the data is not controlled when bending, and the cylindrical welding is generally adopted. In terms of welding, the designer should not think of this welding. Some designers like to cut the diagonal angle on the single arc surface and cover it with directly. From this perspective This approach is very impatient.  
Due to the processing of processing attributes, in the process of designing medical equipment design, designers generally use the following methods: First, Mondrian cutting method, this method is widely used in design, which requires designers to designer There is a certain skill in the plane composition. Second, the layer method, when using the layer method, we must use it based on the Mondrian method. Through the layer of treatment, the product looks breathable and has a three -dimensional sense. Third, the slope cutting and stitching method, this method is used to obtain potential through the oblique cut, often this approach will cause the product to exaggerate.  
The color matching of medical equipment design is also what designers need to be considered. In fact, the matching of silver and gold color is a bit close to the color matching of medical products. Generally speaking, the product is not three -colored. It may be more mean for sheet metal products, and almost the products are embellished with a color, which specifically shows that black and white are not color. And when the silver color is matched, the designer should use a large area of large -scale application, and the color of the medical equipment products is generally low -purity, and the color of industrial equipment is generally used in low purity and low lightness. In particular, here is mostly, because some can also be blended with light -colored, and sometimes such a match is also very good.  
Sheet metal parts structure design  
In medical equipment products, the internal support of the product is basically sheet metal parts. The sheet metal parts in the main structure are mainly divided into heavy parts, connectors, outer frames and auxiliary parts. In addition to the connecting parts in these structural parts, the remaining plates are mainly thin plates. Its material is mainly stainless steel plates and aluminum plates, as well as some aluminum -zinc and cold rolled steel plates. The proportion of sheet metal parts in medical equipment is about 10%to 15%. Despite this, sheet metal parts play a pivotal role in terms of functional or appearance technology. Sometimes the costs in the production process of medical equipment can be largely reduced. The design of the sheet metal product structure mainly plays three role: first, the load of the equipment, which needs to bear the gravity of the subject (including its force during the movement); It is required to perform coordination and consistent operation; the third is the external framework, which needs to reflect the characteristics of flexible hardware. Therefore, the sheet metal parts of medical equipment need to be combined with material science, mechanics, mechanical engineering, industrial design and other disciplines for comprehensive design to meet their functionality and appearance process requirements.  
Sheet metal surface treatment process design  
Of course, product design is important, but to truly reflect the characteristics of the flexible hardware of medical equipment, it must rely on sheet metal technology. Therefore, medical equipment requirements for sheet metal parts are relatively high, which is specifically reflected in:  
(1) The precision requirements of activity connectors, especially the welding stitching connector.  
(2) The surface appearance process of the outer frame is required, the appearance of the alien shape, and the consistency of welding and polishing.  
(3) Surface treatment requirements. In addition to the internal connecting parts are galvanized or hair black, generally use electrostatic spray or paint (currently the former is gradually replaced by the former), which requires uniform color and softness, strong binding force, and no flaws on the surface. The color is mainly light -colored. These require designers to carefully consider the design work of actual medical equipment.  

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